Beautiful Joburg sunset

Tue 22 December 2020


The #gpcoronavirus #covid19 dashboard has been updated with a powerful hotspot analysis provided by @WitsUniversity which will hopefully assist @GautengProvince with the second surge.

Re: tweet https://twitter.com/Wits_News/status/1340979463824273410

Details: https://www.wits.ac.za/covid19/covid19-news/latest/ai-helps-to-identify-new-covid-19-hotspots-in-gauteng.html

Dashboard: https://gpcoronavirus.co.za

Mon 21 December 2020


Holiday reading for the geeky: NODE zine contains articles about interesting open source, decentralized, censorship-resistant and cutting-edge technologies.

NODE zine https://n-o-d-e.net/zine/

Sun 20 December 2020

Aquaponics runneth over

My #aquaponics runneth over! That's cherry tomatoes hanging off the side, bearing plenty of fruit.


Sun 20 December 2020

Second post!

Right, clearly that first post revealed some kinks that needed working out. Here are some kittens. #IndieWeb


Sat 19 December 2020

First post!

First micro-blog post on my own site, which will hopefully be syndicated to social media via #IndieWeb tech!

Sat 19 December 2020