The #gpcoronavirus #covid19 dashboard has been updated with a powerful hotspot analysis provided by @WitsUniversity which will hopefully assist @GautengProvince with the second surge.


Details: https://www.wits.ac.za/covid19/covid19-news/latest/ai-helps-to-identify-new-covid-19-hotspots-in-gauteng.html

Dashboard: https://gpcoronavirus.co.za

Mon 21 December 2020


Holiday reading for the geeky: NODE zine contains articles about interesting open source, decentralized, censorship-resistant and cutting-edge technologies.

NODE zine

Sun 20 December 2020

Aquaponics runneth over

My #aquaponics runneth over! That's cherry tomatoes hanging off the side, bearing plenty of fruit.


Sun 20 December 2020

Second post!

Right, clearly that first-post revealed some kinks that needed working out. Here are some kittens. #IndieWeb


Sat 19 December 2020

First post!

First micro-blog post on my own site, which will hopefully be syndicated to social media via #IndieWeb tech!

Sat 19 December 2020