Another one takes the red pill and wakes up from the Matrix - "I think the internet is broken - Chris Hawkes"

Chris Hawkes

Wed 16 February 2022


These 3D printed computer terminals are simply gorgeous! #3dprint #retro #terminal

Modern Retro Computer Terminals

Sun 13 February 2022


The #Smashwords website is nothing like a modern website, and I love it! I mean, you can download this #ebook I am currently really enjoying (Casual Computing) for free, DRM free, without creating an account, without popups in your face, right now, just by following the link. No user hostility, you can read the ebooks on any device you want, and you get to support independent authors.

Casual Computing: Light Reading for Users of Open Source, About Open Source

Sat 15 January 2022


Did you know you can download all of Wikipedia onto your hard drive and use it offline? It's only 87Gb and will fit on a microSD card. Useful for distraction-free productivity for home-schooling, work-from-home, etc. Also useful for those with little or no connectivity or during internet take-downs. With the Kiwix software, it's searchable and you can also host it onto a local network with one click. Other useful downloads: Gutenberg books, Khan Academy, TED videos, StackExchange, Arch Linux wiki, WikiHow, and tons more. Might as well put your uncapped (or night-time) internet to good use. #offline #kiwix

Kiwix content

Sun 09 January 2022


"Digital Vegan" is a deep dive into the problems with our current technology (Big Tech and social media). It's "a call to disengagement and more careful, slower, deliberate and thoughtful relations with technology". #book #recommendation

Andy Farnell

Sun 09 January 2022


A free e-book on advice from a philosopher billionaire: "Almanack of Naval Ravikant". I don't agree with all of it, but there's a lot here to contemplate and dig into. #book #recommendation #philosophy #happiness #wealth

Eric Jorgenson

Wed 05 January 2022


Nostr is: "The simplest open protocol that is able to create a censorship-resistant global "social" network once and for all." and "a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working" #nostr #twitter #decentralized


Mon 03 January 2022


The latest incarnation of my #raspberrypi DIY audio player. Still a bit clunky, but it's now pocketable, and can run 15+ hours on a full charge. The software is now perfect 👌 #diy

Sun 19 December 2021


A critique of Web3. It's a long read, but gives a good explanation of what the Web3 (NFT, DAO) fuss is all about, and then promptly rips it apart with some considered arguments. #longread #web3 #nft #dao

The Third Web

Sat 18 December 2021


As is the trend these days, @ForGoodZA have updated their site to be far more user-hostile: cookie popup, 7+Mb of javascript, and tons of 3rd party requests without which the site won't work. All just so I can pick a cause and donate some money. Sigh

Tue 14 December 2021


@deerbard thank you for the heads-up about the date format! I was confused about why my posts weren't showing up. I still need to track down where the issue is. I've gone full "digital minimalism" (see posts on my capsule) so I've completely dropped all social media (including Mastodon), and only browse Station, tinylogs, and Antenna mostly, since the volume of posts is low enough. If there's a website I want to read frequently, I write a scraper to bring it to gemini or add a feed to my comitium.

Sun 12 December 2021


Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi? (2007)

learning vi/vim is an activity that will take a long time (weeks to months), and that the first experience is not pleasant


Sat 11 December 2021


I discovered the #Gemini protocol about a year ago, and it's still a thing! I spend way more time reading posts here than on Web. Check out this quickstart page if you're curious.

Gemini quickstart!

Sat 04 December 2021


Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide

"I don't want to become some huge bodybuilder freak, I just want to get in better shape and look better. Should I read this? That's what this guide is for. It's a basic guide to diet and fitness for beginners who want to get in better shape. "

Liam Rosen

Fri 19 November 2021


This is a thought-provoking and insightful podcast filled with deep thinking about #crypto #NFT #DAO and the future of #Web3

The Tim Ferriss Show

Sun 14 November 2021


Long-tailed widowbird and red-collared widowbird #birding #photo

Wed 10 November 2021


This is an amazingly well produced, must-watch video about the influence of technology in our lives. #socialmedia #echochambers #isolation #chaos #surveillance


Tue 19 October 2021


"You're Not Addicted to Your Phone. You're Just Distracted."


Fri 15 October 2021


To get my digital vaccine certificate for covid-19, I have to use a government website protected by Google Recaptcha 🤦 This hits me particularly hard since I evade Google tracking, so I get forced into doing free labour to help Google train their self-driving cars. It's infuriating. Why don't they just implement a simple rate-limit if they are worried about bots?

Tue 05 October 2021


"The Single Most Productive Thing You Can Do" #sleep #productivity

Grace B

Thu 30 September 2021