"Culture I/O is a website about utopia as seen through the haze of the dystopian present. You’re laughing, but we’re serious. There’s a manifesto. That’s how serious we are."

Culture I/O — The Road to Utopia

Sun 14 February 2021


New blog post! In which I attempt to cure my #doomscrolling

My war on doomscrolling

Thu 11 February 2021


FreeHacker is an ezine "created to help the spread of DIY culture in cyberspace". A good, if somewhat short read.

FreeHacker: Issue 2

Wed 10 February 2021


This Sojourner #pwa is a beautiful way to browse and bookmark talks from the #fosdem '21 schedule.


Fri 05 February 2021


Few years ago I moved my personal projects from #Git to #Fossil, and can recommend it. It is easy to host (single binary file), feature full (bug tracking, wiki, forum, etc), and all the repo data is stored in a single sqlite db (easy to backup). You can also allow anonymous access so that people can collaborate without creating accounts. That's 2 files you copy into a machine and you have your entire source control and repo up!

Fossil: Fossil Versus Git

Thu 04 February 2021


My #Gemini capsule is up! It includes my #gemlog which is generated from my website microblog, which is also syndicated as tweets/toots via #IndieWeb. Very cool that all these technologies can play well with each other and are easy to script to my liking.

Toby's Gemlog

Tue 02 February 2021


A well written blog post (from a Google dev advocate) about using machine learning for baking, resulting in inventing a new dessert. Much 'maker' spirit, such wow. #ai #machinelearning

Baking with Machine Learning

Sat 30 January 2021


"This means in two to five years we may be able to surf the internet or talk on our 900 MHz phones while walking down the sidewalk in nearly any city whose occupants own Amazon or other competing devices."

We may Soon have City-Spanning 900 HMz Mesh Networks

Fri 22 January 2021


Some thoughts on the #Gemini protocol:

  1. Gemini is to the web what reading a book is to watching TV. The former is focussed, simple, requires some effort, and may be more rewarding. The latter may be more compelling but also full of distractions and advertisements.

  2. Gemini is just text and links, which HTML can easily do, but by removing features (like CSS, JavaScript, and inline media), Gemini guarantees that your experience will be simple, fast, and user-respecting. No complicated issues like browser fingerprinting, popups, tracking, XSS, etc.

  3. Gemini might be a good fit for disseminating information in low-bandwidth long-range mesh networks like Meshtastic, which might become part of our apolcalyptic/dystopian future.

  4. Gemini is a good format for scraping web content or generating content for displaying on devices like DIY smart mirrors, Raspberry Pi tablet screens, Smart watches, etc.

Curious? Try this link below which uses a web proxy to display some random feeds from Gemini sites.

Capcom Gemini Aggregator

Wed 20 January 2021


"These all use some form of local radio signal. Some, such as Briar, may use short-range Bluetooth and Wifi, while others use radios such as LoRa that can reach several miles with low power. ... Every item on this list uses full end-to-end encryption" #offline #messenger #lora #meshnetwork

Roundup of Secure Messengers with Off-The-Grid Capabilities

Wed 20 January 2021


Awesome talk about the ideas and possibilities behind the Beaker Browser, a peer-to-peer browser. #beakerbrowser #decentralizedweb #dweb

Imagine This: A Web Without Servers (2018)

Sun 17 January 2021


"On the Internet, your rate of learning is limited not by access to information, but by your ability to ignore distractions"

The Paradox of Abundance - David Perell

Wed 13 January 2021


Bumper harvest of cherry tomatoes from my #aquaponics #diy

Fri 08 January 2021


You may be in a quandry about deleting WhatsApp, because EVERYONE is on it. How quickly we forget that this was true of Mixit and BBM. We've moved before, we can move again, the businesses will follow. #deletewhatsapp #deletefacebook

Thu 07 January 2021


Facebook really wants your data! The long term solution is decentalized/federated, like Matrix.

WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using the app

Thu 07 January 2021


Contact tracing is so dangerous, it gives governments an irresistible tool for tracking, surveillance and control. The abuse of the tech has already begun.

Govt confirms that police can use TraceTogether data for criminal investigations

Tue 05 January 2021


My fav gadget of 2020: the LCD writing tablet. Costs under R200. 2 year battery life. Doesn't sync with anything. Can only erase whole screen. Helps me focus distraction-free on today's tasks and jot down notes.

Tue 05 January 2021


Using some simple scripts, I have automated the process of publishing microblogs to my static-generated website (which uses #Pelican). It makes use of the #IndieWeb standard #micropub format, so I can even share links and upload photos to my blog via the Indigenous app. Now you can too!

IndieWeb scripts for publishing using micropub to a static-site generator like Pelican.

Wed 30 December 2020


Now watching 0xcon talks from last month. #infosec #southafrica

0xcon 2020 - YouTube

Mon 28 December 2020


Interesting new protocol: "Gemini is a new internet protocol which: Is heavier than gopher; Is lighter than the web; Will not replace either; Strives for maximum power to weight ratio; Takes user privacy very seriously"

Project Gemini FAQ

Sat 26 December 2020