Simpler Linux self-hosting with tmux and bubblewrap


I describe a simple method I use to self-host portable server applications using tmux and bubblewrap

Sat 08 October 2022

Semi-self-hosted email


You've heard of GMail and other 3rd party email, and "self-hosted email" which will make some of you cringe and trigger PTSD if you've ever tried it, but did you know there's a nice middle ground?

Tue 21 December 2021

Creating audiobooks


How to create audiobooks from epub and mobi using text-to-speech

Tue 13 July 2021

Digital de-clutter


My on-going journey to digital minimalism

Sun 23 May 2021

Gemini and e-paper are a great combination


Browsing gemini content on a Kindle is a pleasant, distraction-free experience

Tue 30 March 2021

My war on doomscrolling


My attempts at avoiding doomscrolling and living a healthier digital lifestyle

Thu 11 February 2021

The anti-consumerist lifestyle


I live an anti-consumerist lifestyle - one that is focused on maximizing health, time, and money rather than the acquisition of _stuff*.

Tue 11 August 2020

Last-mile commuting with an e-scooter


I've been using an e-scooter to get to and from public transport, and it's liberating!

Tue 23 June 2020

Commuting with an e-bike


I now commute with both and e-bike and an e-scooter!

Tue 05 March 2019

My work at IBM Research Lab


I was on the cover of a magazine, thanks to the work being done at IBM Research!

Sat 11 March 2017

Mobile app development is too hard


I've come to realise that mobile app development is too difficult for beginner programmers, but it can be made simpler.

Tue 28 May 2013

Cloud services for freelancers


I thought I'd run through the important online services I use, in case it will be of benefit to other freelancers.

Wed 31 August 2011

Android apps for newbies


Here is a list of some of my favourite apps that should give newbies a fresh perspective on the capabilities of their new device.

Thu 02 June 2011

The cumulative effect


This is my post for Blog Action Day 2009 regarding the topic of climate change

Wed 14 October 2009



Kind of like a misnomer, but with numbers.

Sun 29 March 2009

Changed my routine, changed my life


It's amazing what far-reaching implications a subtle change in my routine can have on my life...

Thu 12 March 2009

Be safe in your home


There maybe some things to cheer about in the [latest crime statistics][], but it's not all good news, sadly.

Thu 11 December 2008

Two projectors are more than the sum of its parts


If you're thinking of buying a projector, think of buying two rather. Here's why...

Thu 11 December 2008

Switched on to digital TV


South Africa officially switched on its digital TV signal on November 1 2008

Thu 06 November 2008

Netbooks have lost the plot


My article on TechLeader about Netbooks

Thu 25 September 2008