Android apps for newbies


I see a lot of people with new Android devices who simply play games on their shiny new devices, without knowing the power they wield in the palm of their hands. So here is a list of some of my favourite apps that should give newbies a fresh perspective on the capabilities of their new device.

Here we go:

  • Zinio - Local and international magazines, great interface, cheap mags. This has replaced printed mags for me.
  • MySubs - local magazines from
  • PressReader - latest newspapers from around the world. Interface as good as Zinio
  • Star chart - planetarium, better than Google Sky map.
  • Tweetdeck - facebook and twitter in one, with easy posting, url shortning, image uploading, etc.
  • Pulse - news reader app, beautiful interface
  • Kobo - nice book reader, like Kindle. Better interface for discovering and browsing new books
  • Imdb - movies and tv series guide
  • Xbmc remote - control your XBMC media PC from your phone, see calls and messages on your TV which will pause for you, etc.
  • Opera - fast and responsive web browser
  • Skype - audio chat
  • Qik - video chat
  • Layar - augmented reality browser, see info about stuff around you
  • Angry birds - most addictive game
  • Evernote - best note-taking app for meetings and such
    Compass, Spirit level, Metal detector - turn your device into a useful tool
  • SA Events - my app for upcoming events in SA
  • Adobe reader - best pdf reader
  • Launcher pro - best homescreen replacement
  • Google docs - take a photo of a document and it scans it into a word doc
  • Thinkfree Office - one of many office suites
  • Fireflies live wallpaper - one of the best looking live wallpapers
  • Zedge - tons of ringtones and wallpapers
  • Sound hound - tells you what song is playing
  • Tune-in radio - listen to radio stations around the world,.including local ones

The above are just a small sample of what is available. Try them all out, even if their function doesn't really interest you, as you will still be amazed by the experience of it.

There are lots more apps, so try out the featured apps in the Market. Enjoy your new device!