Raspberry pi

Gemini and e-paper are a great combination


Browsing gemini content on a Kindle is a pleasant, distraction-free experience

Tue 30 March 2021

DIY Raspberry Pi Tablet


How I built my own Raspberry Pi tablet

Sat 04 July 2020

Raspberry Pi Star Trek LCARS Interface


Star Trek LCARS interface implemented on a Raspberry Pi with touch screen, using Python and pygame

Wed 30 March 2016



PiScope is a House4Hack project, presented at ScopeX 2015, to do basic astrophotography using a RaspberryPi, Arduino, 3d-printed parts, and a telescope.

Wed 22 July 2015

Beat load-shedding with solar tech


My simple solar setup has been featured in articles on Fin24 and HTXT.

Mon 23 February 2015