Raspberry Pi Star Trek LCARS Interface


Star Trek LCARS interface implemented on a Raspberry Pi with touch screen, using Python and pygame

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As presented at Developer UG meetup on 20th January 2016, I created an interface for Raspberry Pi projects that make use of a touch screen (specifically the official 7" Raspberry Pi touch screen). The idea is that most home-brew projects tend to look a bit underwhelming, and a nice cheap trick to make it look amazing is to use the "MovieOS" look-and-feel: the fake Sci-Fi screens you see in movies and TV series.

To that end, I re-created the LCARS interface from Star Trek. This has been done numerous times before, but I wanted to create it using Python and tailor it for the 7" touch screen, so that it would be easy to take an existing Raspberry Pi project and slap on an amazing interface to it, without much effort.

This project has featured on Hackaday, lifehacker, as well as the official Raspberry Pi site!

You can see it in action on YouTube. The source code is available on github.