TIL: there's Android ransomware that works not by encrypting your files, but rather by showing a system modal window that cannot be dismissed by the user until the ransom is paid. Latest variants use machine learning: "TinyML model is useful for making sure [the ransom note] would appear less contrived and more believable" #android #malware #ransomware

Mobile randsomware

Wed 02 June 2021


WebApps is my #OpenSource #Android app I am most proud of. Many years in the making, it allows you to save websites as apps, with privacy-enhancing features similar to uMatrix.

WebApps sandboxed browser

Tue 09 March 2021



Xtendroid is a domain-specific-language for Android that I created for productive Android development

Tue 14 March 2017

My work at IBM Research Lab


I was on the cover of a magazine, thanks to the work being done at IBM Research!

Sat 11 March 2017

I was a freelance full-stack Android developer for 6 years


I developed Android applications as a freelancer, and offered particularly good value for small businesses and startups.

Tue 24 May 2016



Pledger is a startup that aims to put NGO's in touch with micro-volunteers

Thu 21 April 2016

Tech4Africa Android Masterclass


Resources for the Tech4Africa Android Masterclass presentation on 9th October 2014

Tue 07 October 2014

House4Hack smart watch


We built a smart watch at House4Hack. I decided to re-write the firmware and Android app from scratch.

Thu 28 August 2014



SwimTime is a swimmer's timer that can help improve swimmer performance

Sun 27 July 2014

SA Events Android app


SA Events is an Android app I wrote that displays annual events in South Africa by province, allowing you to plan your outings.

Sat 05 July 2014

BatteryFu battery saver Android app


BatteryFu is an Android application I wrote to save battery life (and data) on my HTC Dream (G1) back in 2010. It has over 250,000 downloads!

Fri 14 February 2014

Robert's Birds


I developed the Robert's Birds Android app, a niche app for professional bird-watchers. It features over 1Gb of high-quality data for Southern African birds that can be searched or browsed, even on a low-end device.

Thu 04 April 2013



The gr8signal app tracks and maps cellphone signal coverage in South Africa.

Tue 16 October 2012



I won the MOMO Joburg "Changing the world through innovation" competition, as well as the Mobile Web Africa 2012 app competition, with the BluMote project!

Wed 09 May 2012



MakerDroid (previously Paint3d) is an app you can use to draw out a 2D shape that will then get extruded into a 3D shape, which you can then print out as a physical object using a 3D printer.

Thu 08 March 2012

Simple Zulu


Simple Zulu is a simple flash-card app to teach you Zulu words, that I

Fri 10 February 2012



I built an Android accessory using an Arduino. It's a charging dock and notification light, among other things.

Tue 16 August 2011

Fancy app


I wrote the first versions of the Android app "Fancy" for thingd which included a honeycomb-optimized tablet version.

Tue 24 May 2011

SmsFu Android app


SmsFu is my first Android app, written back in 2010. It automatically silences notifications from spammers!

Tue 14 December 2010

Toby's Corner on AndroidZA


I blogged about Android development on a South African Android community blog called AndroidZA

Tue 14 December 2010