BatteryFu battery saver Android app


BatteryFu is one of my first Android applications that I wrote to save battery life (and data) on my HTC Dream (G1) back in 2010. It has over 250,000 downloads!

Here are some great comments I got from users:

  • Pure gold !!!! Best of its kind. A battery saver that has no equal. This dev has raised the bar and is miles ahead of the wannabe competition with their high priced bloat ware. Bravo & thanks.

  • Awesome app Really works like charm. Its so small. I uninstalled JD. I have everything i need in this small app. JuiceDefender cant really defend itself against this app. Nice one

  • THE BATTERY APP To be the best, here we have the elegance and sleakness in just 70k. Unlike the competitors, all of which are around or over a meg!? Free shouldn't mean bloatware, this is that example.


I've since open sourced BatteryFu under the liberal MIT licence.

Get it on Google Play