Robert's Birds


I developed the Robert's Birds Android app, a niche app for professional bird-watchers. It features over 1Gb of high-quality data for Southern African birds that can be searched or browsed, even on a low-end device. It has an offline map, advanced bird list functionality (grouping, sorting, filtering), ability to save your own list of sighted birds (with export to PC), and very flexible bird identification criteria (like bird shape, sound, habitat, etc.).

From a coding point-of-view, I wrote custom controls for swiping through bird plates and bird images, adding hotspots to the bird plates for clicking through to the bird detail screen, used fragments for side-by-side bird comparison, dynamic sampling for images based on device resolution and memory, data indexing and caching for high performance on the bird list even on low-end devices, an encryption framework for the data (which interfaces to a separate registration and authentication server), and several other custom functions to enable the identification and offline map functionality. This is one of the largest apps (in terms of amount of code written) that I've ever developed.


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