Nextcloud Hosting


Today I'm launching my new business called Nextcloud Hosting, providing a private cloud server for your data hosted in South Africa.

Fri 01 December 2023



Pledger is a startup that aims to put NGO's in touch with micro-volunteers

Thu 21 April 2016

African School For Excellence


I've been contributing to African School For Excellence, a school that is re-defining education

Mon 29 September 2014

Nissan 200SX Owner's club of South Africa


I started the Nissan 200SX owner's club of South Africa back in 2003, and it is still an active club.

Tue 14 December 2010

eflatz-com was a social networking site I built to allow people within complexes/apartments/suburbs to communicate with one another and their body corporate.

Tue 14 December 2010


Cred is a mico-payment gateway built in Ruby on Rails, with a fully-documented REST API and Wordpress plugin, to allow content publishers to charge small amounts for their content.

Tue 14 December 2010