Nissan 200SX Owner's club of South Africa


I started the Nissan 200SX owner's club of South Africa back in 2003, and it is still an active club.

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I started a car club back in 2003, for owners of the Nissan 200SX sports car in South Africa. It now has a fairly active forum. I've loved the shape of this car ever since I first saw a picture of it in a book, and I finally bought one in 2001.

I still have it, and use it as a daily driver, but there were long periods of time when it wasn't running and I eventually had to remove the engine and gearbox at home, and rebuild them. I had to rebuild the engine 3 times, twice with the help of some friends from my club, but the last time I managed to do 90% of the work myself! Since then, it has been running very well.

My car was even featured in the Max My Ride magazine (Issue 09 - Dec 09) as a pristine example of a factory-standard model. The club also had a stand at the Gauteng Motor Show and the Castrol Extreme Auto Show, where my car was also on display.