BlackBerry Apps Featured!


Two of my Blackberry 10 apps were featured in the BlackBerry 10 App world: SA Events and Folder Music. Both have above 4-star ratings.

Tue 09 July 2013

SA Events BlackBerry app


SA Events is a BlackBerry 10 app I wrote that displays annual events in South Africa by province, allowing you to plan your outings.

Mon 01 July 2013

Folder Music


Folder Music is a music player for BlackBerry that allows the user to browser their music by folders, rather than by artist/album/etc.

Wed 17 April 2013

House4Hack SHAC on BlackBerry 10


House4Hack Smart House Access Control app lets you open the gate and front door at the House4Hack hackerspace in Centurion, South Africa, once authorised.

Thu 04 April 2013