I made a music player using the awesome Pimoroni Pirate Audio HAT for #RaspberryPi. It plays any format including OGG and even videos, remembers where it left off, buttons work exactly how I like it because I wrote the code, and it has outstanding audio quality (24-bit DAC + headphone amp). The UI needs work tho! #maker #diy #audio

Tue 20 April 2021

BlackBerry Apps Featured!


Two of my Blackberry 10 apps were featured in the BlackBerry 10 App world: SA Events and Folder Music. Both have above 4-star ratings.

Tue 09 July 2013

Folder Music


Folder Music is a music player for BlackBerry that allows the user to browser their music by folders, rather than by artist/album/etc.

Wed 17 April 2013

Dual Projector Home Theatre


In the quest for a mind-blowing home theatre experience, I experimented with two projectors and planned out my custom-built sound system. It turned out better than I thought!

Tue 14 December 2010