Folder Music


Folder Music is a music player for BlackBerry that allows the user to browser their music by folders, rather than by artist/album/etc.

Robert's Birds


I developed the Robert's Birds Android app, a niche app for professional bird-watchers. It features over 1Gb of high-quality data for Southern African birds that can be searched or browsed, even on a low-end device.



I won the MOMO Joburg "Changing the world through innovation" competition, as well as the Mobile Web Africa 2012 app competition, with the BluMote project!



MakerDroid (previously Paint3d) is an app you can use to draw out a 2D shape that will then get extruded into a 3D shape, which you can then print out as a physical object using a 3D printer.



I built an Android accessory using an Arduino. It's a charging dock and notification light, among other things.

200SX Site status

Current state of the 200sx site:

  • The 200SX site has now found a new home, with Riekert in charge. The forum has been upgraded to phpBB3, so the URL has …

Fancy app


I wrote the first versions of the Android app "Fancy" for thingd which included a honeycomb-optimized tablet version.

Dual Projector Home Theatre


In the quest for a mind-blowing home theatre experience, I experimented with two projectors and planned out my custom-built sound system. It turned out better than I thought!

eflatz-com was a social networking site I built to allow people within complexes/apartments/suburbs to communicate with one another and their body corporate.


Cred is a mico-payment gateway built in Ruby on Rails, with a fully-documented REST API and Wordpress plugin, to allow content publishers to charge small amounts for their content.

Itweb column


I used to write a column for ITWeb, back in 2007 when I was working at Cambrient.I wrote about the state of Java, as well as AJAX and other …