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You can contact me using one or more of the following:

  • Above form

    • This is a very secure way of contacting me. Just make sure the green padlock is showing in your browser address bar (i.e. that it is using HTTPS). The form is not sent via e-mail, but dropped directly into my inbox securely.
    • If I have to reply to your query via e-mail, then all security is lost. If privacy is important to you use the form to set up an alternative, secure channel (e.g. or
  • Telegram: @tobykurien

    • Please use a secret chat when contacting me to keep our communication secure
  • Twitter: @tobykurien

    • Use a twitter DM to arrange an alternative secure channel (e.g. or
  • E-Mail: toby at tobykurien dot com

    • E-Mail is the least secure way to contact me: it may get lost (I have strict anti-spam rules), intercepted (e-mail is not encrypted), and/or stored indefinitely under mass surveillance
  • I've proved my identity on Keybase. Note that I no longer use PGP (here's why).

  • You noticed I care about privacy. Here's why, and here's a TED talk about the topic.